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Atmos Jr Kit - Blue


The Atmos Junior Rx is the smaller, and shall we say, "cuter" cousin of the popular Atmos Rx.  The AGO Jr is the 'ugly' cousin of the Atmos Jr.  The difference between the Atoms Jr and the AGO Jr is marginal and will vary from sampling to sampling.  What matters is the confidence to make a purchase.  Atmos has warranties and stands behind its products, but you can now get that same safety net when buying an AGO Jr.  Try an AGO Jr kit at our store and we guarantee your satisfaction.  

It's more portable than ever, making it a convenient solution for combusting and vaporizing on-the-go. The Junior can do anything the normal Rx can. The only difference is a shorter battery life (the smaller size had to come from somewhere, after all).

In a matter of minutes you can load, inhale, and enjoy. You can use the device with dry herbs and herbal products, such as tobacco and tea leaves, or wax concentrates

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