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Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Dark purplish green with small green spurts of leaf, and lots of thin dark orangish brown hairs.

Smell: A pungent sweet and grapey scent just reeks from the ground herb.

Taste: Sweet and fruity, but definitely not sour. Leaves a sweet flavor in your mouth for a couple of seconds after each hit.

Effects: This seems to be a very ‘down’ buzz. Great for going to sleep, and that is about it. While the flavor was amazing, I have to say that this buzz was only good for putting me down for bed at night. If you can manage to stay awake, the body buzz is quite pleasant, and does tend to help with body aches and pains.


About High Altitude:

High Altitude (the trade name for CPNL) is a Tier 2 farm based out of South Seattle.

The company focuses on high quality products and signature strains, including The Truth and Black Magic, both of which were developed by High Altitude’s growers.

The company has three owners, all of whom began in the medical marijuana market as dispensary and collective garden growers and operators, said Lori Lizotte, the farm’s general manager.

“Seattle Alternative Medicine was one of our owners’ prior businesses, and the other two had collective gardens,” Lizotte said. “All three owners have had very deep roots in medical for a long time.”

Lizotte, who runs the farm but isn’t one of the owners, joined the team after 25 years in sales in the national corporate world.

“Before I-502 I funded some of the collective gardens as an investor,” Lizotte said. “When they decided to go into the recreational market, they asked me to get involved because of my business background.”

The company is a member of the Washington Cannabuisness Association, and Lizotte has testified to the state Legislature about Washington cannabis bills and legalization efforts.

Lizotte’s favorite strains from High Altitude include The Truth, a hybrid, and Amnesia, a sativa.

Some of the company’s other popular strains include Lavender and Blackberry Kush.

In the coming months, High Altitude also plans to introduce a line of specially-branded marijuana cigarettes and a line of oils and concentrates.

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