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Jesus OG Co2 Oil .5ml cartridge


Jesus OG was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds as the not-so-immaculate conception of Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper (talk about an “unholy” parentage). Jesus OG proves to be a godsend for growers and produces tall plants and heavy yields. Users enjoy the lemony kush aroma of this sativa-dominant hybrid, along with heavy effects that relax the body while leaving the mind functional and clear.


About Avita:

Avitas Agriculture is one of the top producer/processors of cannabis is Washington state.  Located in Arlington, WA and situated on about 8.5 acres, the Avitas facility cultivates more than 8 different strains of high-quality cannabis, including the popular hybrid ‘Snoop’s Dream.’

Part of what makes Avitas so successful is the commitment to the six values seen as the heart and soul of the company:

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